Valentina Galindo

Hello i'm Valentina and this is my art blog for my sketches, finished pieces, and doodles, and maybe an occasional digital drawing which i am striving to get better at considering i have been drawing and creating traditionally my whole life. shoot me an ask for question/comments/business.


sneak peek 
worked on her on and off while i was doing my AP art assignments i’m not to fond of the background considering i didn’t sketch it out first so it became a total fail. also the glare on this is TERRIBLE but alas i’m to lazy to retake. 
prismacolor pencils and acrylic paint on bristol 
"highlighter girl 3"
another one obviously i’m a great test taker put the red pen on the lips though and changed color of highlighter and no sharpie ultimately she’s my least favorite.
fun to do though
"highlighter girl 2"
another one i did last year while testing haha obviously i only had sharpies, black pens, and highlighters welp 
"highlighter girl 1"
doodle i did while i was testing last year and had an hour to kill haaha 
i used sharpie/ballpoint pen/ orange highlighter
a little doodle thing 
art rage2  deluxe sketch colored with gimp and photoshop elements 
trying to learn digital art is hard stuff 
"are you looking at those same stars"
sketch book sketch
black gel pen 
from that one lady antebellum song 
"we owned the night"
sketch book sketch
done with black gel pen
lyrics from that one lady antebellum song 
acrylic paint on cardboard
i might upload a different pictures of this one considering i hate how the quality came out for this. 
this was inspired by a painting i saw somewhere but i forgot it’s name so sorry 
acrylic paint on cardboard